Can I grow tomatoes in a container?

Answer Tomatoes can be grown in containers. When gardening space is limited, containers are useful alternatives. Tomatoes grown in plastic containers will hold moisture better and need less watering than ... Read More »

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How Big Should a Container Be to Grow Tomatoes?

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Can I grow cherry tomatoes in a container?

Cherry tomatoes can be grown in a container in a sunny location. A 5-gallon container is a suitable size. Be sure the container provides adequate drainage. A wire cage for support, available at any... Read More »

How do I grow tomatoes in an upside down container?

Purchase a large, sturdy container designed specifically for this purpose or use a large, 5 gallon-bucket. If you choose a bucket, drill a hole in the bottom 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Set the buck... Read More »

Can I grow basil& tomatoes in the same container?

You can grow tomatoes and basil in the same container because they require the same temperature, light and moisture levels. They also have the same growing season. If attempting to grow both, use a... Read More »