Can I grow pot in abundance since marijuana is legal in North Korea?

Answer Now I know why the crazy FcUk thinks he can act like such a tool.

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Is the US going to war with north Korea?

Though likely, it hasn't been announced yet. The UN is pressing hard sanctions (PSI) on NK for detonation their nuclear weapons. They've made a mandate stating any suspicion ship from NK can be sea... Read More »

Where is North Korea on a world map?

You can locate North Korea on any map by inspecting the eastern border of China. The Koreas are located on a peninsula jutting out from Asia's eastern edge, and are bordered by the Sea of Japan and... Read More »

Is Seoul in North Korea?

The city of Seoul is in South Korea. The capital city of South Korea, Seoul is roughly 30 miles south of the DMZ, a line that has separated North and South Korea since the end of the Korean War.Sou... Read More »

Question about North Korea?

They do allow a small number of tourists, but only on certain guided tours approved by the North Korean government. Tourists must stay with their guides at all times, are taken only to very specif... Read More »