Can I grow an aloe plant from a cutting?

Answer It is possible to grow an aloe vera plant from a cutting. Before planting the cutting, allow it to sit long enough that it develops a callus. Once the callus is grown over, you can plant the cuttin... Read More »

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How do you grow a large aloe vera plant?

I have a 3 foot high one not really large but I am trying my hardest its main stem is 11 inches round I have used a compost mixed with black topsoil 50/50 and lots of water about one cup of water a... Read More »

Can you take a cutting off of a blueberry plant&use it to grow a new plant?

You can grow a new blueberry plant through cuttings, according to the North Carolina State University Extension. Cuttings can be propagated with small hardwood or softwood pieces without using a ro... Read More »

How do a grow a plant from a cutting?

If it is the kind of plant that takes from cuttings you can try 2 different methods.1. stick it in a glass of water, cut side down, and wait for it to grow roots.2. dip it in a rooting hormone (can... Read More »

How long does it take for a plant cutting to grow roots?

According to the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), roots can take anywhere from 10 days to two months to grow once you have propagated the cutting. Much depends on the type of ... Read More »