Can I grow a lemon tree from a store-bought lemon?

Answer You can grow a lemon tree from store-bought lemons. Plant the seeds in a ceramic or clay pot, use a good premixed medium soil, water as needed, mist for humidity and make sure your lemon seeds and ... Read More »

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How do I grow a lemon tree from a lemon seed?

SeedRemove the seeds from the lemon intact. Wash the seeds to clean the sugar from the seed because sugar promotes fungal growth.PlantInsert seeds 1/2-inch deep in a soil-filled pot before the seed... Read More »

How do I grow a lemon tree from a seed?

Getting SeedsCut open the lemon and withdraw the seeds as whole as possible. Rinse them with water to remove the sugar left from the fruit's flesh to prevent fungus from taking root in the seed.Ger... Read More »

How tall does a lemon tree grow?

The true lemon tree can reach heights of 10 to 20 feet high. It has dark green leaves and usually has sharp thorns on its twigs. Its origin is unknown, though some link it to India.Source:Purdue Un... Read More »

Can an orange tree grow from a lemon seed?

No, orange trees only can grow from orange seeds. You'll need to first clean and then dry the seeds. Then, soak the seeds in water for several days to promote germination before planting.Source:The... Read More »