Can I go back to regular oil after using synthetic?

Answer It is considered safe to switch between using conventional motor oil and synthetic oil, whether it is fully synthetic or a blend. It is also safe to mix the two types together at the same time. Doi... Read More »

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Can You Switch Back From Synthetic to Regular Oil in Vehicles?

When synthetic oil started gaining popularity, it was thought that it would be bad for your engine to switch between it and regular oil. It is now believed that not only is switching harmless, in s... Read More »

Synthetic vs. Regular Oil Changes?

Car owners who want the very best for their vehicles commonly turn to synthetic motor oil, although this choice sometimes comes at the objection of natural oil enthusiasts who see no benefit to syn... Read More »

Is synthetic or regular oil better?

On One Hand: Conventional Oil Is Great for the PriceDerived from petroleum, conventional oil has been used in cars run for more than a century and it still gets the job done. Car Craft magazine com... Read More »

How to Mix Synthetic & Regular Oil?

Mixing synthetic motor oil with regular motor oil is plausible. Low oil can be disastrous for engines, occasionally causing them to seize and quit completely. While synthetic oil and regular oil ar... Read More »