Can I go back to IE 7 after upgrading to 8?

Answer You can downgrade to Internet Explorer 7 after you have installed IE8 as long as you have not installed Service Pack 3 for Windows XP after upgrading Internet Explorer. You can also downgrade if yo... Read More »

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Do you need to back up your computer before upgrading the memory?

Upgrading the memory does not affect the hard drive, so there is no need to back up the computer before putting in new memory. However, it is always best to keep a current backup of the hard drive ... Read More »

Unlock your i phone 3gs upgrading on firmware 3.1.3 after upgrading?

I need help upgrading my CPU?

It will be very difficult to find a new CPU for this computer - and I have to agree with the previous poster. You should get a newer one. You can also look for a second hand computer which will be ... Read More »

Am I better off buying a new pc or upgrading my RAM?

You did not give a model number, so can only speculate on the specs of the model. But ig only two years old, the $40-60 to update the ram would be less then the cost of a new PC and would absolute... Read More »