Can I give my dog anti-gas medicine?

Answer On One Hand: Cause Should Be Investigated FirstLike humans, there is usually an underlying reason why dogs get gassy. Veterinarians usually like to find out why a dog has gas before giving a dog ga... Read More »

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What is the best anti-depresant medicine out there?

commanly use antidepresent r tricyclic antidepresents which r imipramine,doxipen and amitriptyline......all type of antidepresent hv side effcts on brain and other dry mouth,constipa... Read More »

Is benzodiazepine an anti-anxiety medicine?

With more than 15 different types, benzodiazepine is the most widely prescribed tranquilizer. It can be used as an anti-anxiety drug, along with use as a hypnotic and a muscle relaxant.Source:Cente... Read More »

Is ibuprofen an anti-anxiety medicine?

According to, ibuprofen is not an anti-anxiety medication; it is an anti-inflammatory medication used to reduce swelling and pain from minor injuries and fever. In fact, the site states t... Read More »

Anti-inflammatories in alternative medicine?

MSU Tart Cherry Institute has explored the COX-1 and COX-2 inhibition properties in vitro (ELISA) and in vivo (lab rats) of several berry sources containing anthocyanins (Nair, Bourquin, et al): M... Read More »