I have O neg blood which is considered universal donor. Should I give blood I am a terrible coward?

Answer in my opinion you should,and it dont matter if you got O neg or not,the fact that you willingly would give something from yourself to help another,is great..:-)and about the tattoo and the wine,the... Read More »

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Is there a reason why while donating blood,I felt excruciating pain and did not give the full amount of blood?

It could have been because you were dehydrated. You need to drink 3 full cups of water 30 minutes before a basic blood draw. If your donating your giving a lot more.. Try that and see if it helps.

My girlfriend keeps nagging me to give blood as I apparently have quite rare blood (AB-) Is she right to?

In britain the abundance of AB- blood is about 3% making it very rare. AB- means that you have blood type AB and are Rhesus Negative. You are known as the universal recipient - you can receive R... Read More »

Do you give blood?

hi youi love to give blood but been a diabetic epileptic i cant or tey wont allow me to

Do you give blood If not why?

Yes, as a diabetic you can give blood as long as you fit the other medical criteria. I have given 33 times, I figure since needles are an indisputable fact of my life anyway (I have no fear of them... Read More »