Can I get you all something to drink?

Answer Yes. You know me and my taste.I have many type of drinks to offer my friends and you.Have or share with me. I would feel happy to get you such a nice drink.

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Why do my pasta hurt when l drink water,warm coffee every time l eat something of drink they hurt?

Should i grt something to drink?

Come on! It's an instinct to drink when you are thirsty, why wait?

Why do I get the urge to drink something that has taste and is cold?

That urge is probably you being thirsty. You're doing your body a favor by always staying hydrated. Drink lots of water, and ice tea too. It's good for you because it has antioxidants.

Whats something, besides water I can drink that has no sugar?

Splenda is one of the best non sugar substitues, at the grocery stores now there are many things that have no real sugar. There is sugar free colas for just about every cola, there is tea, coffee, ... Read More »