Can I change phone companies& keep my number?

Answer According to the Federal Communications Commission's local portability rules, you may keep your current telephone number when switching to a different provider as long as you remain in the same geo... Read More »

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How long do cell phone companies wait before giving your old number to someone new?

It depends on what the situation is mainly about 3 to 10 days

Why must we dial "1" before calling a long distance number Why can't phone companies let us skip that part?

You rite. I dint make sense. No matter how far you call its always 1, not 2. 6 or 9 always 1. It seams like if you needed it, there would be other numbers too, but there not. Maybe its for the f... Read More »

Is there any legal reason why phone companies can't offer specific number blocking as a service?

It's possible. Call blocking (some companies call it call screening) is a common feature offered by virtually all carriers. If you are able to get caller id, your phone company has the ability to p... Read More »

My house phone number is withheld, but if I want to show my number, what code do I dial before phone number?