Can I get the hepatitis vaccine while nursing?

Answer A woman can receive the Hepatitis B vaccine while nursing her baby without any special precautions. Although the Hepatitis A vaccine is likely also safe while nursing, the Centers for Disease Contr... Read More »

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Which vaccine is given for hepatitis B?

The hepatitis B vaccine is given to prevent hepatitis B. It is given in 3 separate shots with specific and important timing.

What is the hepatitis a and b vaccine?

Hepatitis A is an acute liver disease associated with unsanitary conditions that can be spread through close contact or ingesting contaminated food or drink. Hepatitis B is a lingering disease that... Read More »

If child had vaccine for hepatitis will he get again?

Is there any vaccine for hepatitis b carrier?

There is no vaccine for someone who already has the virus. That being said, you should get the Hepatitis A vaccine to further protect yourself, and your liver, should you be exposed to it. As a car... Read More »