Can I get the ged test sent to my house?

Answer You cannot get the GED test sent to your house. You must take the GED at an official testing center. It is possible to study for the test at home. Study guides, such as Kaplan's line of GED guides,... Read More »

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How Can I Get College Applications Sent to My House?

Once upon a time, there was only one way to apply to college. A student sent a letter to the school requesting an application, she completed the form by hand, and mailed it back with the relevant m... Read More »

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Foreclosures are governed by the laws of the state and vary by location. After the third consecutive missed payment the lender will send a demand notice requiring that the delinquent amount be brou... Read More »

If a urine test is sent to a lab would it be better to dilute it or use a masking agent like protox?

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How do items get sent to your house when shopping online . how do they find you by address or by code?