Can I get the ged test sent to my house?

Answer You cannot get the GED test sent to your house. You must take the GED at an official testing center. It is possible to study for the test at home. Study guides, such as Kaplan's line of GED guides,... Read More »

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How do I test a house for mold?

Unexplained health problems in a home can be caused by the growth of mold. In moist climates or after flooding, it's important to test a house for mold growth. Home air testing kits are unreliable,... Read More »

How Can I Test My House for Airborne Mold?

Mold is a tiny organism that helps break down organic material. Its microscopic spores travel freely through the air and easily grow in a home--especially one that has a high level of moisture or r... Read More »

How do I test water pressure in a house?

Stop Water UsageTurn off all the appliances, including other things that use water, such as faucets or ice makers, to prevent low readings when testing the water pressure.Attach a GaugeTest the wat... Read More »

How to Test for House Dust Mites?

Testing your home for dust mites is beneficial, as dust mites are a cause of allergic symptoms and may be partly responsible for 50 to 80 percent of asthma cases, according to an Ohio State Univers... Read More »