Where did Sir Isaac Newton create Newton's Laws of Motion?

Answer Isaac Newton's three laws of motion were contained in his 1686 book, "Principia," according to Michael Fowler of the Physics Department at the University of Virginia. The book was written in Cambri... Read More »

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I have an iPhone 4S live on the QLD Australia when I ask Siri what the weather is locally or what the weather is is says there's no weather information?

although i hate apple i know alot bout it you just need to go into her settings and if that dosnt work change your location and put it in the weather appAsker : in her settings i can only change ho... Read More »

Why does'nt the weather alert light work on my Midland weather radio?

Weather radios provide 24 hour weather coverage and alerts, but like any electronic item they can experience technical issues. Depending on the model of your Midland weather radio and your mode of ... Read More »

How to Use the Newton's Cradle?

We all know of the Newton's cradle, a simple machine following Isaac Newton's third law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is also know by the name of Newton's Metronome.

What is another name for a Newton meter?

Another name for the Newton meter is the joule. The joule is a derived unit in the metric system used to measure units of energy. Another breakdown of the joule is a kilogram meter per second squar... Read More »