Do you no the answer to this riddle?

Answer Burning Bush???

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Answer to the riddle What does the cia use to spy on your dreams?

What was the answer to the 1st message sent through the gate in Stargate SG-1?

Trying to ascertain if Daniel Jackson is alive and safe on Abidos, Jack O'Neil knowing that Daniel has allergies sends a box of tissues through the Stargate. The reply is an empty box with the writ... Read More »

I have IRR mobilization orders to report in Jan 2010 I'm 6' and 305 lbs will i be sent home or deploy at my weight every website i have been to has a different answer?

Don't look, hurry up, wash up, get out. Everyone is just as uncomfortable as you are.

On gmail, if you delete your sent messages, will the emails you sent be erased?

No because when you send a message its kind of like a copy. You have a version of it and they have one too.