Can I get some advice from the "regulars"?

Answer I know I've been extremely lucky in that my sister went vegetarian with me and my mom was really supportive (and became pescetarian in response to our diet changes.) Also, I've lived up and down t... Read More »

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Home Made Pizza , so many topping choices...Vegan Forever

Parenting "regulars".....are you who you say you are?

I'm for real. Everything I post on here is based on my actual experience or true personal opinion. I'm on here periodically while I'm at work. I don't have time to make up multiple personalities an... Read More »

What would the regulars consider worse... (BQ)?

I don't really know if I'm considered a regular, but I might go on once a week(: Naming a girl a male name bother's me A LOT, but not the most out of the listed things. People I know litterally fin... Read More »

Who are some R&P regulars that seem to fly under the radar?

I was not feeling well all day, so I have not been on Y&A that much. But when I read your message, And Genesis played that song Home by The Sea it was the nicest thing, and it made me think of how ... Read More »