Can I get some advice from the "regulars"?

Answer I know I've been extremely lucky in that my sister went vegetarian with me and my mom was really supportive (and became pescetarian in response to our diet changes.) Also, I've lived up and down t... Read More »

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Lets find out some regulars?

;-PBQ: 2 year old is napping, 4 year old is picking up his toys

Who are some R&P regulars that seem to fly under the radar?

I was not feeling well all day, so I have not been on Y&A that much. But when I read your message, And Genesis played that song Home by The Sea it was the nicest thing, and it made me think of how ... Read More »

Looking for some advice from a gym enthusiast/instructor/trainer?

Hi, can I say I used creatine for 6 months if your using this remember to only take 5 grams a day and do this for 2 months then have a month off I did this while lifting very heavy weights all I c... Read More »

I am looking for some support in the transition from a SAD to a raw vegan diet for my family. Any advice?

Maybe have movie night.There are at least two movies with a focus just on raw foods.Raw For 30 Days: Me there are several o... Read More »