Can I get rid of a black eye in less than 24 hours?

Answer Unfortunately, no, you just have to wait it out and let the hemoglobin completely breakdown. When it does begin to breakdown it will begin to change colors, so tomorrow, instead of being dark blue/... Read More »

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How do you fix an LCD that become black in one half after a few hours of use?

There's a couple of things that generally will cause that to happen. Since you didn't specify what type of device it is such as a computer display or a LCD television, I can't really be too specifi... Read More »

Remedies for a black eye in 24 hours?

1: Ice the area.Hold an ice pack or some ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth on the eye. Ice helps reduce swelling and numbs some of the initial pain.2: Pack a black eye in popcorn or peas.A bag of fr... Read More »

Wikipedia To Black Out For 24 Hours?

Just give me a call, sugar. I'll give you all the inaccurate information you may need! lol.

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