Can I get refinanced while in Chapter 13?

Answer You can refinance while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. An attorney will work with lenders to get a Chapter 13 refinance mortgage that combines your debt and mortgage payment into a single low monthly pa... Read More »

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Can a person file Chapter 13 while in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy term?

You cannot file Chapter 13 while in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy term. Chapter 7 is known as "straight bankruptcy" and it gets rid of outstanding debts. However, if you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you ha... Read More »

Can You Get Qualified for FHA While in Chapter 13?

Bankruptcy, regardless of the reason, is an event that takes a toll on a person's credit, since it's an admission that his debt is more than he can handle. As important as credit histories are in t... Read More »

Can you be garnished while under a Chapter 13?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops all collection action with an automatic stay, which means that your wages cannot be garnished by a collector. The bankruptcy court, however, can issue a wage garnishme... Read More »

Can you refinance while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Mortgage borrowers who have filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy may have an option to refinance with a loan product offered by the federal government.OptionAccording to the Federal Housing Administration (... Read More »