Can I get pregnant on the first day of my cycle?

Answer On One Hand: Regular CyclesFor women with regular monthly cycles, it is very unlikely they will ovulate during a period, says A woman with a regular cycle ovulates anywhere f... Read More »

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Your cycle came on for 2 days it was really light and it was 5 days early you are having every sign of pregnancycould you be pregnant if your cycle came on like this and only lasted for the 2 days?

Answer If it is 5 days early from your norm it could be implantation spotting.. GL and take a test in a few days :) Answer sounds like you experienced implantation bleeding where the fertilized eg... Read More »

When can I get pregnant during my cycle?

On One Hand: Ovulation TimingWomen can get pregnant while they are ovulating. This is a twenty-four to forty-eight hour period in which the egg is fertile and located in the fallopian tube. This is... Read More »

Can you get pregnant at the end of your cycle?

It is possible for a woman to become pregnant at any point in her cycle. Most women become pregnant at the mid-point of their cycles during ovulation, however, ovulation can occur at different time... Read More »

Has anyone only BD once in a cycle and gotten pregnant?

once your ewcm dries up o has been and gone. it is likely you may o today as your ewcm is less. yes bd like crazy tonight and lay down after for 10-20 mins with your legs up. any way you can use pr... Read More »