Can I get pregnant from giving my boyfriend oral sex?

Answer Tummy babies are very hard to cough up.....Peace.

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If I had sex with a man after giving him oral where he ejaculted then wore a condom to have sex the day my period ended is it still possible for me to be pregnant?

If the only time he was inside of you was with a condom and it was used right, no you can not be pregnant.

If my boyfriend fingered me and I jacked him off then we had oral sex and then made out can I get pregnant?

Answerlet me tell you a little about myself, i was 17 years old and had a baby. you don't want a baby at the age of 14 trust me!!! life with any friends will end because you would be home with a ba... Read More »

Can you have oral sex after giving birth?

Actually, you need to have oral sex after giving birth. Your kitty will be out of commission for six weeks of so. If your husband is anything like mine he won't be able to last that long. From my e... Read More »

Why does my jaw "shift" while giving oral sex?

I will probably have to see it in person to be sure. Maybe I should get your number or you could send me a video?? : )Some people grind their teeth when they sleep and they don't know it. It takes... Read More »