Can I get poisoned too?

Answer really depends on what your cat ate and how it can be transmitted.

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Am i poisoned or something ?

I hope you die you dumbass. That **** will make you glow if you don't get it out of your system right away.

Have i got a poisoned finger?

Usually an infection causes the following, swelling, pain, warmth, tenderness, redness and discharge.Sometimes if you have a cut/injury there can be collection of blood under the skin and the can s... Read More »

Am I poisoned or am I just having anxiety?

Don't do this again. Use it according to package directions. But if you did it with this, you'll probably do it with something else and eventually no advice will help you. I'll warn you right no... Read More »

Symptoms of a Dog Poisoned With Ratsak?

Ratsak is a commercial rat poison that kills rats by preventing the vitamin K inside the animal's body from working to clot blood. Unfortunately, non-target animals, such as your family dog, may fi... Read More »