Can I get out of the lease before moving in?

Answer On One Hand: Not Without Grounds.A lease is a binding, legal contract between landlord and tenant. A tenant cannot unilaterally terminate the lease unless the landlord fails to meet her responsibil... Read More »

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How to Vacate an Apartment Before the Lease Is Up?

Usually when you sign an apartment lease, the period of the lease is 12 months. Some apartment complexes do offer shorter lease terms, such as three-, six- and nine-month leases. If you find that y... Read More »

How to Quit a Lease Before Its Start Date?

Sometimes life events necessitate change. When you have made arrangements such as leases, backing out is not always easy. However, if your lease hasn't begun, you have a good chance of canceling th... Read More »

Any tips on moving house moving checklist I am moving in month to our own flat and don't know what to do!?

Go to your local corner shop and ask if you can have their empty crisp boxes . . . perfect size to pack things in . . . not to big and not too heavy to carry when full.

How to Get Out of a Lease Three Days Before the Check Is Cashed?

Your lease is a contract between you and your landlord, agreeing to allow you to stay in the premises for a certain period of time as long as you meet certain conditions, such as paying your rent o... Read More »