Can I get money for my child being partially blind?

Answer Taking care of a partially blind child requires a lot of time, patience, and money. The government is aware of this, and you can quality for Social Security Income (SSI).About Social Security Incom... Read More »

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Being legally blind and how to live with it?

Well, it is different for different people. For a sighted person who losses their eye sight, they go through a bereavement process, at first they may go into denial, like this can't be happening to... Read More »

Does being blind cause you to be unable to adopt?

Blind people are able to adopt. They face the same standards as everyone else -- the ability to provide a safe, adequate home and parent a child. Most blind people are so capable.

Will being blind in one eye stop me from obtaining a cdl in ohio?

Monocular (vision in only one eye) Applicant is totally blind in one eye or has a visual acuity in that eye of worse than 20/200. Horizontal field must be at least 70 degrees temporal and 45 degree... Read More »

Can a relative of a child take away legal guardianship of that child from the other relative if the child is in no harm and being cared for?

Answer yes, if that relative is the mother or father of the child, or the quardian is determined to be unfit to serve.