Can I get money for my child being partially blind?

Answer Taking care of a partially blind child requires a lot of time, patience, and money. The government is aware of this, and you can quality for Social Security Income (SSI).About Social Security Incom... Read More »

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How you have to treat child with blind and autism?

If a blind person drove up to the atm to get money how would they know which button to press?

My wife doesn't drive, but she does use the walk-up ATM. The walk-up ones are the same as the drive-up ones. Cuts down on production and maintenance costs.As to the "which button to press" question... Read More »

Can you suggest a gift for a special-needs child who is blind and cannot walk or talk?

AnswerA list of toys and items for children who are blinded or have low-vision, can be found on the American Foundation For The Blind website (click on "Family and Friends", then... Read More »

Describe in details the fostering of effective listening in a blind child?