Can I get international currency from my local bank?

Answer Most major banks will exchange currency, however, many also require an open account in order to so and may charge a nominal fee to do so. Though bank exchange rates are not always the best, it is a... Read More »

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How to Bank in International Currency in the USA?

If desiring to maintain actual foreign currency balance accounts at a bank located in the United States, find a bank that allows its customers to conduct personal and business transactions in multi... Read More »

Can I exchange foreign currency at my local bank?

Most large "money-center banks" have currency-exchange services. While not all smaller local banks (especially in rural locations) can convert from a local currency to a foreign one, they should be... Read More »

Can you have Mexican currency exchanged at a local bank?

Mexican, or any foreign currency, may be exchanged for US dollars in US banks. US dollars may also be exchanged for foreign currency at banks. Some fees may apply, so check your local bank for poli... Read More »

How to Identify International Bank Notes & Currency?

You may come across international bank notes and currency either during your travels, as a hobby in coin collecting, or merely finding something left over in a shoebox once belonging to a relative.... Read More »