Can I get in trouble making a fake Facebook even though I deleted it?

Answer As long as the site is deleted you should be fine. However if your friend posted images featuring child pornography you (or your friend) can still be arrested and prosecuted even if the page has be... Read More »

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Can people get in trouble for making fake facebook acounts posing as an older man?

Yes, it is likely to have serious problems, create accounts of the other person is going to impersonate identities when Facebook discover that confidential data are the same as other users, it may ... Read More »

How much trouble can you get into for making a fake facebook based on a real person?

creating fake accounts is illegal in some states. But you can't get in trouble if you erased it, as long as you didn't do anything rash like threaten someone. The worst you could happen is just d... Read More »

Can you go to hell for making a fake Facebook?

The government seem determined to get us to use public transport, even though, even now its overstretched..?

The idea was that we'd stay at home and work on networked personal computers. Unfortunately, now that we've got the technology, we squander it on rubbish like Y!A instead.