Can I get in trouble for this?

Answer You may have done all that for nothing. You can return faulty merchandise to Walmart without a receipt. They have your purchase information on file in their system, all you need is your ID and th... Read More »

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If I've had trouble with my FAFSA this year, will I likely have trouble with it in the future?

1. Do the worksheet on paper first before you even get online to do it. While filing it out, if you have questions on the form about specific line items call the 800 number and ask about it. Then... Read More »

How illegal is this and can I get in trouble for doing this?

it depends on which store you return it to.. I think I'd see if walmart has the same product and buy it from there they dont check anything just make sure that its in the box. I think that the last... Read More »

Can I get in trouble for this prank call?

It is a serious felony. You can be fined up to $10,000 and spend 5 years in prison.You messed up bad

Could I get in legal trouble for this?

The airwaves belong to the public. If your neighbor is broadcasting his connection without security, you are free to use it.