Can I get in trouble for bartending in Wisconsin without a bartending license?

Answer Any person bartending without a bartenders license and not supervised by another licensed bartender in Wisconsin will be fined as well as the owner of the establishment for having an unlicensed bar... Read More »

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Certification for a Bartending License?

Individuals interested in obtaining a bartending license through certification should look for a reputable bartending school accredited by the Accreditation for Continuing Education. A reputable ba... Read More »

Do you need a bartending license to bartend?

A bartender does not need a license to tend bar. In fact, bartenders do not need any special certification to serve drinks; all they really need is experience or the ability to learn.References:New... Read More »

How do I Train for a Texas Alcohol Bartending License?

How is it possible in the state of Texas to earn anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour without even a high school degree? By tending bar, that's how. Being a bartender allows you great flexibility in y... Read More »

Can a Bartending License Be Used in Every State?

Bartending license requirements vary by state. All states, of course, have an age requirement, but many also have a bartending course requirement, and both must be fulfilled to obtain a license. A ... Read More »