Can I get hired for a federal job after age 55?

Answer All federal jobs, with the exception of air traffic controllers and field intelligence officer positions in the Central Intelligence Agency, are available to job seekers over the age of 55. Federal... Read More »

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This deparment operates the federal bureau of investigation which investigates federal violation?

What is the federal tax form number of filing federal tax info for not for profit home owners association?

The form number depends on variables within the association's business structure, there are a few different forms. Your tax attorney can help you understand exactly which form to use based on your ... Read More »

How to Get Hired?

Getting hired means that you stand out amongst the many people who want the same job as you. Learning how to get hired is often as simple as polishing up on the usual method of sending a cover lett... Read More »

Are federal contractors eligible for federal government hotel rates?

Yes, contractors working for the federal government are generally eligible for the same reduced rates offered to federal-government employees. However, the exact nature of the benefits offered is u... Read More »