Can I get high-def without paying for cable?

Answer Yes, but you will need an antenna that can pickup the signals. This is usually not a problem but if you have an old antenna let's say more than 10 years old then you will need a new antenna. You wi... Read More »

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Local channels without paying for cable?

(This answer assumes you are located in the US)>there is no more over the air tv. 100% wrong. I watch them every day!You need an antenna, and the type of antenna you need depends on your location.... Read More »

Are high paying homeland security jobs offered to applicants without a degree and with no experience?

Can't find high paying homeland security jobs?? Cut and paste this (with quotes") into a Google search: "No luck with your search for homeland security jobs?" If you are without college and have n... Read More »

Can anybody give me a site that can play musics without paying me any memberships or paying the music. Please.?

Can you watch blue ray movies on a blue ray player without high def cable?