Can I get help with my rent payments?

Answer There are several ways to help for rent payments, including state housing assistance, government and private grants, short-term loans, local charity donations or asking to borrow money from a frien... Read More »

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Are Rent Payments Tax Deductible in Michigan?

While tenants cannot typically deduct rent payments, renters in Michigan have a few potential avenues by which they may be able to take a limited deduction or credit for rent paid to a landlord. No... Read More »

Can I deduct my rent payments on my taxes?

You may deduct a portion of your rent payment if you are claiming business use of your home on your taxes. This allows certain deductions if you use a portion of your rental home solely for busine... Read More »

How to Find Help With Mortgage Payments?

Many homeowners need help making their mortgage payments. Many times the causes are outside the homeowner's control. No one expects layoffs, company closures, illness or the death of a wage earner ... Read More »

How to Get Help With Rent Deposits?

Many homeowners and property management companies require the first month's rent and a security deposit of an equal amount before leasing a rental property. For people with low incomes or those fac... Read More »