Can I get free to air tv via satellite in Nigeria?

Answer We can't Get free If u Wanna You can pay $49.95 USD over 3500 channels crystal silver screen and Dolby digital stereo still not satisfy You Have Another feature You can easily give up and get back ... Read More »

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Free calls to nigeria How can i really make free call to nigeria.?

How Can I Get Free Satellite Programming?

You can get free satellite programming by installing a free to air satellite system for your home. A free to air satellite system uses a small dish to receive Ku band satellite signals. This type o... Read More »

Is it possible to get free satellite television?

Yes there are some unscrambled signals out there. You can put up a dish and receive them free of charge.DishTV is a pay service. If people are getting it free, they are using stolen codes and are... Read More »

Does free to air satellite work?

On One Hand: Free to Air Satellite Does WorkA free to air satellite receiver is used to legally receive television stations without a subscription. These stations broadcast using unencrypted free t... Read More »