Can I get financial aid money to pay for rent?

Answer Yes. I used financial aid $$ to pay for a cheap apartment my jr and sr year of college. You can use loans/scholarships for any school-related expenses. Check out if you have any ad... Read More »

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Can i get enough financial aid for school to help with rent & bills?

This is a pretty standard question. Without spending too much time in a financial aid office, there is plenty you can do get the process started. Start by going to and fi... Read More »

How much money is it to rent a movie?

Free at the library. For specific info about a biz, check out their web site (here is blockbuster: ) or call them.Peace!

How to Rent the Best Car for the Least Money?

You can rent the car you want for a discounted rate by doing a little research online and over the phone. By comparing car rental rates across different rental companies, you will be able to rent t... Read More »

How do I use my Financial Aid money to pay for housing?

Your financial aid will go to your school account where it will first be used to pay your tuition and fees. Then anything left over will be automatically applied to your housing bill if you're liv... Read More »