Can I get financial aid if I have a I-485 or even go to school out of state?

Answer While your I-485 or adjustment of status is pending, you are not eligible for any federal student financial aids by US government. you will be eligible when your I-485 is approved and has a valid ... Read More »

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How come some people who aren't even poor get a lot of Financial Aid money for School?

it depends on how many other kids they have in college. i know some whos parents make over 100k a year but they have 3 kids in college so they get more financial aid. also just because people seem ... Read More »

If you have had your financial aid suspended at one school, can you receive it at another school?

Yes, you can receive it at another school providing you were suspended based on failing to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. The next school is going to treat you as a clean slate in that respe... Read More »

Do I have to pay for my student loans even through med school?

If you don't go to medical school within 6 months of graduating college, you will have to start paying back your loans during that time. So you better have the means to pay your loans during those... Read More »

Can a college student get auto insurance in the state where he goes to school and if so would he have to get a driver's license in that state as well?

Answer Contact your agent, but probably yes, as a temporary driver.