Can I get drunk on 50mg Zoloft?

Answer Yes, it has side effects when you drink alcohol while on Zoloft medication however it is best that you talk with your doctor because they will allow a person to drink but moderately and has certain... Read More »

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Can you get high from Norflex 50mg Or from Tramadol 50mg?

not sure about norflex but you can from tramadol but its not great and I do not recommend it. Prescription highs can be sketchy

Can I take 50mg of zinc a day?

That is OK although 25 mg per day is probably better and much safer.The rule of thumb seems to be that you should not take more than about 45 mg of zinc per day.

Anyone got pregnant on the first round of clomid 50mg?

I hear good success rates with clomid. I've had two cycles of 50mg and didn't conceive, but I have long cycles though. I had to have a 4 month break which was really frustrating as had an abnorm... Read More »

How can i get drunk drunk drunk tomorow night,?

Do shots (keep it clear i.e. vodka etc...), the alcohol content is higher and if you have several at once, your body will have a rush in the blood stream and your liver cannot process all of it. I... Read More »