Can I get digital& high-def without converter boxes?

Answer On One Hand: Yes You CanEvery new television has a built-in digital tuner that allows you to get free local channels in full digital quality without a converter box. To receive local, over-the-air ... Read More »

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How to Turn on Digital Converter Boxes Without Remotes?

Digital converter boxes allow television users to view a digital television signal on their older, analog-only televisions. Most converter boxes come with a remote control, allowing users to turn o... Read More »

The Types of Digital Converter Boxes?

As of 2009, the Federal Communications Commission required all US television sets to operate via digital cable. According to the FCC, their ceasing to broadcast analog signals opens up critical air... Read More »

Analog to Digital TV Converter Boxes?

The common converter boxes (the cheap ones eligible for the $40 off coupons starting in Jan 08) can only tune into one channel at a time. If you wanted to record one channel on your old VCR while w... Read More »

Are there cameras in digital converter boxes?

In 2009 a viral video spread across the Internet claiming the U.S. government placed small cameras in DTV converter boxes. That video has been proved a hoax by admission of the author himself.Refer... Read More »