Banned from iSketch. How long till I can play again I figure it's my IP address banned.?

Answer How the heck did you get banned from there too? I'm addicted to that site now. I've finally started winning some games.Lil-It is like online pictionary. It's fun and addicting!

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Smoking is to be banned, Should Kissing be Banned?

Personally i am glad smoking is being banned in public, but i feel for the smokers due to they have rights too. There is a very fine line for this subject and as you say it is political correctness... Read More »

If smoking was to be banned wat are the good and bad points about smoking being banned?

That would be a dictatorshipI cant believe people would actually like to live in oneIt would not affect the black market anyway, so people will continue to smoke wether others like it or not

Should it be banned?

Nice! It is a very good example of how easy it is to skew facts to support any argument.

When were PCBs banned?

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of chemicals formerly used in manufacturing because they can withstand high temperatures. PCBs have been linked to cancer and developmental problems. Th... Read More »