Can I get an internet signal through USB?

Answer Sure, all you need is to plug in the USB cable to your modem and computer, install the modem drivers and set up your internet account with info supplied by your ISPCheers

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How to Send a Signal to Reboot a PC Through an IP?

Windows network administrators have several options with the server operating system. The "Shutdown.exe" file is available from Microsoft, which sends a signal to a machine using an IP address or c... Read More »

Is there Internet search experts available on internet who helps in real time through chat or over the phone ?

I would be happy to help you with any question you might have, all my contact information is visible so feel free to contact meAdditional Information: Hey I found the Internet God's website at http... Read More »

Why is my internet signal low?

Usually it's the company that $&@&$ up and you have to deal with it until they get it right again.

Why is my internet signal weak?

Night time ping is low.. ..But in Peak time there may be a traffic in internet ..Many people use internet at that time.So speed get slow,if the internet speed get slow.Ping gets high...So better re... Read More »