Can I get a yoghurt starter that doesn't degrade with each generation?

Answer You can use Kefir as a starter, just buy a small bottle of the plain Kefir and add a tbsp to the milk when it has slightly cooled. You can also use Greek yogurt as a good starter.http://www.kefir... Read More »

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Is there a webcam that DOESNT come with a CD?

Yes you can.... you can find almost any drivers you need on the internet. That's usually all the disc contains is the drivers and a few extra unneeded promotional programs. Buy whatever webcam you ... Read More »

What is the difference between Greek style yoghurt and Greek yoghurt?

Greek yogurt is strained to take the water out. It's more protein dense. The whey will still separate if left sitting.My brand is Fage 2%

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Am i the only one that doesnt like washing with bar soap?

I got rid of the bar soap years ago. Liquid are easier to rinse off and soap scum doesn't build up