Can I get a virus from answering phone!?

Answer No, I don't think so. That call is probably made by an auto-dialer, a software that makes computer-generated calls to random phone numbers simultaneously. When a recipient picks up, the call gets c... Read More »

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Delete Messages on Answering Machine: XSA975 Uniden Cordless phone/Answering Machine.?

Play the message. While playing, press and hold the delete button. Don't release the button until it announce 'message erased'.

My phone's memory card has a virus . Is there any way i could remove the virus without losing my files?

What makes u think that your memory card would be infected with a virus? What is it doing?? As far as i know there is no way to remove a virus off of a memory card, unless uu format it. you can do ... Read More »

My dad isnt answering his phone?

Don't worry . This may accasionably may happen. If your a truck driver, you might nit hear your phones over the loud diesel engines.

Is answering the phone a talent?

you know, im a little upset right now. you people are ignorant. answering the phone is a fantastic ability, and I dont think you give people enough credit. why do you think telemarketers have jobs ... Read More »