Can I get a tooth extraction before a root canal filling.?

Answer Get a second opinion. A root canal is due to an infected tooth and is done to save the tooth. An extraction can sometimes get infected. Is one a baby tooth? You have two adult teeth in front of ea... Read More »

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What should you do if you had one wisdom tooth removed and they tried to fix the other one by putting a filling on it instead of doing a root canal and you still have a lot of pain from it?

Answer You have me wondering why ANY dentist would putting a filling in a wisdom tooth instead of pulling it. If you still have a lot of pain from it and the tooth was filled it sounds like there w... Read More »

How do you find a good endodontic if you need an apicoectomy apical surgery on tooth number 4 and that tooth has had a root canal plus you had the root canal re-done and the gum is sore?

Answer To find a good endodontist, it's best to consult your dentist and he or she can refer you.

If you had a root canal done 11 months ago with only a temporary filling and you now have braces can you still have the root canal finished?

Answer usually. Answer The braces will not effect the root canal therapy, which should be completed ASAP. Temporary fillings are just that - temporary. They can break down and begin to leak after a... Read More »

Root canal vs extraction on #30?

The first molars are THE MOST important teeth in the mouth, IMHO. However, most people do not think so because they value front teeth more since they are so much more visible. The first molars are ... Read More »