Can I get a ticket for parking in a church parking lot?

Answer Highly unlikely. Generally, cars parked for extended periods of time get towed from private property. A church parking lot is private property, can't get ticketed, but can get towed after a few d... Read More »

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I got a parking ticket on Easter Sunday for parking in a Loading Zone?

you were pay the time obey all traffic and parking laws and restrictions

Parking ticket for parking the wrong direction worth fighting?

It's not a moving violation - no points, no affect on your insurance. Just pay it and don't do it again.

Can a police officer issue a ticket for parking in a no parking zone in an ungated private condominium complex in California?

You can find the answer in the governing documents of the condominium complex. It is possible that the board has discussed and voted on a resolution that requires such action that includes a police... Read More »

Does anybody know if you can be issued with a parking ticket for parking in a disabled bay?