Can I get a student loan for living expenses if I am not living on campus?

Answer depending on where you live, you may get some financial aid to pay for your expenses

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How much are living expenses for the average college student?

That depends on how much you eat, what you eat, what you wear, what you buy...etc. Myself, I have my parents pay for my food, but generally it is still ramen noodles, dirt cheap. Otherwise I drink ... Read More »

Student loans to cover living expenses while in college?

Most banks have a loan called an education plus loan, that you can get to cover expenses outside of your tuition. the loan works similar to a federal loan, and you can choose to pay on it during or... Read More »

How do I get a student loan for living expeneses?

There's a lot of private lenders.Try your bank first, and ask your school financial aid office.Good luck !

Can I get a student loan to cover living expeses with no cosigner?

Hmmm, it's going to be very hard to get a student loan with bad credit and no cosigner, but at least you are employed. I'm guessing getting a cheaper apartment isn't an option? The company I repres... Read More »