Can I get a passport if I owe back taxes?

Answer A passport application or renewal can be denied by any government agency. However, a person that owes back taxes has a reasonable chance of having the application approved. Whether you can hold a p... Read More »

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Can I renew my passport if I owe taxes?

Any federal or state law enforcement investigative agency may request denial of any passport renewal. The final decision about passport renewal is made by the Passport Services Department of the U.... Read More »

Can you cruise to the Bahamas and back without a passport?

Whether or not you can cruise to the Bahamas and back without a passport depends on two factors. Provided you are an American citizen on a closed-loop cruise (meaning that you depart and return to ... Read More »

Can a british passport expired 40 years back be surrendered?

On One Hand: Not surrenderingDespite common misunderstanding a British passport holder who has claim to British citizenship does not have to surrender a passport for whatever reason, whether or not... Read More »

Can you travel without a passport from cyprus to uk&back?

You still need a passport to travel between Cyprus and the United Kingdom. While Cyprus has signed the Schengen agreement for open borders, it has not yet become a full member of the agreement and ... Read More »