Can I get a mortgage with a 560 credit score?

Answer You can be approved for a mortgage with a credit score of 560, but you will pay higher interest rates. A credit score of 560 makes you have a D rating credit risk, so compared to someone with a sco... Read More »

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How to Refinance a Mortgage With a High Credit Score?

Refinancing refers to getting a new mortgage loan to pay off your existing loan. The new loan may have better terms, such as a lower interest rate or a longer repayment period, resulting in lower m... Read More »

Do lenders use credit score or fico score for mortgage rate?

Lenders use both credit and FICO scores to determine mortgage rates for individual borrowers. Mortgage companies use a "tri-merge" credit report that lists credit bureau scores from Experian, Equif... Read More »

Is a credit score required for a mortgage?

Lenders will usually require you to have a credit score in order to approve you for a mortgage. However, you may be able to be approved for an FHA mortgage if you do not have a credit score but can... Read More »

What is a good credit score to get a mortgage?

While only a truly abysmal credit score will see you denied for a home mortgage, your credit score can vastly affect how much you pay for a home mortgage. A score of 660 or above makes you a good c... Read More »