Can I get a mortgage while in a proposal?

Answer On One Hand: It Seems Like a Good IdeaSellers don't want to miss a possible sale but they want to know that a buyer will come through if the proposal is accepted. Buyers want to know they can count... Read More »

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Can you get a mortgage while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage while involved in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but several specific requirements must be met. Permission must be obtained from the bankruptcy trustee before applyi... Read More »

Can you refinance a mortgage while in CCCS?

Debtors using Consumer Credit Counseling Services may refinance loans to obtain a better rate or lower payment. On the CCCS website, the organization also notes that it offers a mortgage program kn... Read More »

Can I Refinance a Mortgage While the House Is on the Market?

Most lenders do not refinance a mortgage while a house is on the market, since the property secures the loan. Some lenders do not refinance for up to six months or longer after an owner removes a h... Read More »

Who Do You Talk With to Get an Interest-Only Mortgage Changed to a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Interest-only mortgages are considered to be one of the riskiest types of home loans on the market. If you have an interest-only loan, you can take the necessary steps to convert it into a fixed ra... Read More »