Can I get a mortgage after repossession?

Answer Finding an affordable mortgage can be a challenging endeavor. It can be especially tricky if you've had any credit problems in the past--especially serious delinquencies like an auto repossession. ... Read More »

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How long before I can get a mortgage after a car repossession?

On One Hand: There Is No Set PeriodIn the mortgage industry, there is no set time after car repossession when a borrower can begin to qualify again for a mortgage. Each type of mortgage underwrit... Read More »

Mortgage Repossession Law?

Mortgage repossession or foreclosure is the process by which a lender recovers the amount owed by the homeowner on loan in which the homeowner defaults. Lenders take possession of the property by r... Read More »

How to Get a Car Loan After Repossession?

Poor financial times hit the common man pretty hard. However, they also give businesses the ability to offer those who were hit hard the opportunity to continue their normal lives. Some companies d... Read More »

What happens after voluntary repossession on a vehicle?

After the voluntary repossession of a vehicle, it is sold at an auction so that the lender can recoup some of the investment. If the repossessed vehicle sells for less than the balance of the loan,... Read More »