Can I get a direct link to audio on pitchfork?

Answer Not likely, at least not easily. Sites like this get money via advertising on the SITE. if people download and listen to it on their PC the company doesn't really benefit. However there are always ... Read More »

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How to Link Audio & Video From Time Code Metadata?

Amateurs' cameras typically record the audio and video together, but professional videographers often record the audio and video separately. This is because the camera's built-in microphone does no... Read More »

Why is the audio garbled with Direct TV?

Is *77 on cell phones really a direct link to state troopers?

You can reach state troopers by calling *77 from your cell phone in some areas of the United States. However, each state sets its own code, and *77 is not used by many states. The best way to rec... Read More »

Can you plug a cd player audio out direct to the speakers ?

No. A CD player's output is what is known as "line level" this is a low level signal that is designed to be sent to another preamp and power amp. If you connected the CD player directly to the spea... Read More »