Can I get a degree in Elizabethan history?

Answer Most universities offer a generalized history degree. However, within many history programs there is usually a separate medieval studies degree track altogether. Within these programs, one can spec... Read More »

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How to Get a History Degree?

A degree in history prepares you for a variety of careers, such as teaching, journalism, law, regional planning, archiving and curating. College course work in history not only acquaints you with h... Read More »

What you can do with a degree in history?

History majors can market themselves toward any sector of the workforce except, perhaps, fields that emphasize experience in engineering and medicine. Liberal arts degrees can be taken in any gener... Read More »

PhD in History vs. Law Degree?

Historians and lawyers serve significant purposes in society. Historians study, research, and analyze writings of the past. Lawyers act as advocates and counselors, representing clients in court an... Read More »

How to Use a History Degree?

Majoring in history has never been known for creating a smooth career path for graduates. History degrees wrongly are known to many as being a non--vocational degree. This misconception keeps many ... Read More »