Can I get a credit report if I just turned 18& have no credit?

Answer A person who is age 18 may not have any credit history, but can still order a credit report. Information about previous addresses and employers as well as credit information is contained in a cred... Read More »

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Can I get a credit report if I just turned 18 and have no credit?

If you are 18 years old you can order your credit report even if you have not built or established any credit. Your report will show that you have no credit accounts, but it will also show that you... Read More »

Can I order a credit report if I just turned 18?

You can request your credit report when you turn 18 years old. However, if you have never had a loan or credit card in your name, you may not have a credit file with any of the credit bureaus. The ... Read More »

How do I get a free credit score if I don't have a credit card Besides free credit report .com?

Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?

It is totally normal. A lot of my friends had their braces around the time you're talking about. In fact, a few of then only got them at the age you're due to have them off.Don't worry about it -... Read More »