Can I get a credit card after filing bankruptcy?

Answer On One Hand: Bankruptcy Can Seriously Harm Credit.According to MSN Money, bankruptcy is devastating to a person's credit score. The lower your score, the less creditworthy banks and other lending i... Read More »

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How soon after filing bankruptcy can your credit be restored?

Your credit immediately begins to rebound after a bankruptcy as long as you exercise good fiscal behavior. You will be eligible for unsecured credit cards within two years. After 10 years a bankrup... Read More »

Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Credit Scores?

Your credit score can be affected by bankruptcy--in a negative way, of course. Bankruptcy can affect the cost you pay for other credit products. It might take a while to fix the damaging effects of... Read More »

When do you complete a credit counseling course after filing bankruptcy?

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 established the requirement that credit counseling must be completed within 180 days before filing for bankruptcy. In order to fi... Read More »

When do i stop using credit cards if filing bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Stop at Least 40 Days Prior to FilingUnder U.S. bankruptcy laws, any questionable purchases or charges that you have made within 40 days of filing your petition for bankruptcy (or cash... Read More »