Can I get Viruses from people sending me music files through Limewire?

Answer Chances are you won't. Since the files have already been downloaded (and presumably played) by your friends, they will have confirmed that the files are in fact, mp3 files and not executables with... Read More »

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How to Tell If Files on Limewire Are Viruses?

Limewire is a popular file sharing program that enables users to search for specific files which can then be downloaded through the Limewire application. This program can be accessed for free from ... Read More »

What do people get out of sending viruses what is their ultimate purpose?

They don't get what they deserve I would like to do them a service.A BURIAL SERVICEgo play with your own toys not mine you spoiled brats

How do I add music files from LimeWire to WMP?

Access LimeWire SongsLaunch LimeWire from the location or folder you stored it in, and right-click the "Saved Files" option. Scroll down the pop-up menu, and click "Explore." Alternatively, click "... Read More »

How do you transfer music files from Limewire to iTunes?

Limewire to iTunes Here is advice: You need to drag or copy your music files from the shared folder in Limewire to a separate folder in my music or wherever you store your music and then go into IT... Read More »